How One Fashion Business Expert Is Helping lots of fashion designers to get customers and sell out their designs….

How you too can  use the same BLUEPRINT to move to a 7 figure RTW Brand   …Even if you’re struggling to sell now OR have no customers

Dear friend,

Would you like to get people rushing into your DMs and your website ordering your designs? …

…Want to have people pre ordering your designs before you launch them?

How would you like to have customers that buy from you consistently when you release new designs without dancing on IG?

Would you like to have customers who are willing to pay the price you are selling your clothes and  not those looking for discount or sales?

How would it feel to know what to do and say that has your designs sold out in a few days every month?

This is because you’ve positioned yourself and your brand well enough for you to attract the right customers and you know what to do that gets them buying without stress. If you have been wondering how are others doing it, getting customers and selling out and you know you are working so hard but still no sales

…Then you’re not alone

Ok, wait, let me explain better so you’ll understand…

You show up everyday posting on IG/Facebook and What’s App but you barely make enough sales to cover your rent



Or you do have a bespoke business and you are doing well, but you can not seem to get people to buy your ready to wear pieces or you don’t know how to start the ready to wear side of your business.



You are not happy with your bespoke business, you work so hard at it but you make so so little, so you want to start a ready to wear line but the last time you made ready to wear you had to dash them to your friends and and siblings



You want to rebrand your ready to wear brand and sell to a new target market and increase your sales but you can not seem to find a way to go about it, you feel stuck and you don’t like it



These can be frustrating because you should be making more money and selling out your designs.


You should never ever struggle to pay your bills, your staff, your rent or any bill, your business should be able to do that but you can not.



You should be expanding your brand but you can not


And these can be painful. You then ask yourself “how are you going to start making enough money to cover your bills in this fashion business and take care of your self and family?”



How will you make profit from running the business this way?



Your bills are piling up.



Why did you start this business in the first place? You wonder.



You feel like closing the business

You ask yourself …how are you going to get into this ready to wear aspect of the business and make good money from it,

how are you going to over come the challenges of getting people to buy your ready to wear pieces at the price you really want to sell,

how do you sell to a lot of people and how do you do these all year round?

Imagine you ready to wear brand is up and running, making you 1 million, 2 million every month? 

you’re able to set your price for your designs, get as many customers as you need to cover all your expenses and make a profit, imagine having not just sales but enough profits every month of the year, how will that make you feel?

Imagine you are able to stop your bespoke business because you are making so much from your ready to wear or you can now choose to attend to just a few bespoke business because your ready to wear business is doing so well


Would that be a great lift in your life and business?

If you answered YES to the above, then stick with me. Because I have something to show you.

The good news is — what I’m about to show you works for…

✔ Bespoke business owner who wants to start a ready to wear brand and make 6-7 figures monthly.


✔A bespoke business owner who is struggling to sell your ready to wear pieces and make 6-7 figures monthly.


✔ A ready to wear business owner who is struggling to sell enough of your pieces to be profitable

This is going to take your brand from been stuck with clothes no one is buying to sold out, you will have customers falling in love with your designs and buying them off, you will go from an invisible brand to one that is seen and appreciated by your customers using my proven method





After you follow this process you will be able to get the ideal customers for your brand who are ready and willing to buy your pieces



You will be able to create brand visibility and position your brand to hit 6 to 7 figures in sales MONTHLY



But the question in your mind is…”how sure are you that this strategy I’m about to reveal to you will help?”…


This is because you’re faced with different options to erase these worries at the moment.


Option #1: Fold Your Hands And Do Nothing, Hope For Things to Get Better Or Just Change Automatically

Yes, year in…year out you’ve watched how your business goes by and yet no improvement.


Every year you know you should be making more money but you are not


Now, you’re doing the same this year, folding your hands and watching as things unfold.

You tell yourself, it’s everywhere or “let manage this one I have”.


What if I tell you that others are making huge sales… building their dream fashion brands 


Selling out their designs, but this time, they are leveraging other information and resources to get ahead of you in the market.


The question is …will you keep hoping for the better, throwing away your fashion dream, will you keep leaving money on the table?


Option #2: Keep Doing Trial And Error.

If you fall under this category…

And you’re thinking I will try again, maybe this time make the designs cheaper, or make the clothes more trendy or maybe take it to people instead of all these online marketing.



But you know from all the trial and error you have done in the past is that it leaves you with clothes you end up dashing out.



It leaves you filling frustrated and inadequate, wondering why are others able to do it and not me



Truth is:  There are methods that you can use and in a few months you will not just have your designs selling out but you will be able to set a sales  target and hit it



Others are doing it and you can do it too, you can start your brand and sell to a larger audience at the price you like

But having seen that these 2 options are a No-Go-Area …

What is the way forward?

This is what I am about to reveal to you today.




The strategy you will learn during this workshop will guarantee 7 figures in the next 90 days” 

…WITHOUT having to depend on family and friends to patronize you and even if you are just starting 

Now You’re Asking, What You Will Learn During This Training 

The 3Ds Method that will have you selling off your designs with speed and ease

Step #1

You’ll learn how to  get 50 to 100 ideal customers who will buy from you easily with little to no marketing 


In this stage, you’ll discover how to find out what kind of designs your ideal customers want


You will find out what ingredients make a successful branding

Step  #2

In this stage you’ll learn…

👉How to find designs that your customers will love and stop wasting money doing trial and error

Step #3: Data Implementation

In this segment …

👉You’ll LEARN how to get 200 to 500 more customers like your first 50 to 100 customers.

The marketing method that is best for your ideal customers that will have them waiting for you to release new designs and once you do buy them off you immediately

You will learn how to scale up your brand to quickly hit 7 figures monthly

WAIT! There’s More…After The Live Workshop You Get

Special Bonus #1

How to find a unique selling point and stand out in the crowded market 

Special Bonus #2

Workshop replay – 6 months access of the training of this workshop . [Value N15,000)

Now imagine how these workshop will help you take your business from struggling with your ready to wear brand to selling to a large audience and hitting your revenue goals

Price is going up anytime from now

Meet your Trainer

My name is Aghogho Elizabeth.

I’m a fashion and business coach who helps struggling fashion designers and brand owners create the business and brand  of their dreams and increase their sales revenue.


I started my journey in the fashion industry  as a fashion stylist working in TV houses, went ahead to start my own bespoke line and then  a ready to wear line that supplied boutiques and stores both offline ones and online stores with lots of clothes 


I’ve owned a cloth manufacturing business that help fashion brands with their designs for over 7 years .


Now, I’m FOCUSED on helping fashion designers build the ready to wear line that will help they make massive sales both online and offline  using the strategies that I use to sell lots and lots of my designs to online and offline stores, strategies that have help brands both in the UK, US and Nigeria


  I have been able to help over 100 Fashion brands /businesses 

But, should you take my word for it? NO.

Imagine this…

 Without a socail media page or any marketing she made 6 figures easily, the strageies that she used, the very same one is what I will be teaching during the live workshop

Press PLAY to listen for your self.

Picture This…

It’s  90 days from this minute when you register for  the training and you’ve applied what you learn like these other people  …

Now, you’re able to get the attention of your ideal customer…  in the first 30 days 

  • You’re able to sell your first 50 to 100 ready to wear pieces in the next 30 days. 
  • Position your brand to reach more people and sell much more in the next 30 days 
  • Sell more of your designs and still run your bespoke business or even start getting ready to shut down your bespoke business as you can now make enough from your ready to wear line
  • You now know the mistakes to AVOID that has kept you stuck for years . 
  • You can now grow your marketing strategies across various marketing channels both offline and online

Imagine how this will BOOST your sales revenue and profit.

If this sounds like what you want, then take your seat at the workshop 

If you look at all you’re getting during this training…

Considering my BLUEPRINT TO SOLDOUT strategy  the two special bonuses.

This class is worth N65,000.

But you won’t be paying anything close to that today .

Now, what if you get this for a 50% discount (N24,000)…would that be a good fit?

Ok. How about a 75% discount for N12,000?

Alright…This is it.


I like business owners who are decisive on what they need to grow their business, which is why I try to offer a fair deal for this MASTERCLASSES


You can take the 3 classes toady for just N3,350 ONLY, if you act now.

This is equivalent to an 97.5% discount.

You save N45,000.

Sounds fair?

So hurry and get seat, it is time to build that 6-7 figure ready to wear brand, this is your year.

Prices will increase soon, do not wait.

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